Gears 5 Update Will Let Players Turn Marcus Fenix Into Dave Bautista

Developer The Coalition reveals that Dave Bautista will take on his dream role of Marcus Fenix as a skin in the Gears 5 campaign mode.

As more video games expand mediums, the questions arise from fans about which will be the next gaming series to be adapted to the screen. Even with oddities like the Monster Hunter franchise getting a film adaptation, fans continue to ponder what will be the next video game film project. One franchise that missed its opportunity to capitalize with a movie was Gears of War, with the perfect Marcus Fenix already having been decided by fans. While a Gears film is nowhere in sight, developer The Coalition decided to give those awaiting any news a nice compromise.

Actor and former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista has repeatedly said that he wants to play Gears of War protagonist Marcus Fenix on the big screen. Bautista even tried to get a Gears film made but it ultimately seems like the actor with never get his dream role. While Dave won’t don the Gears armor anytime soon, he will still be able to be Marcus Fenix in a roundabout way.

The Dave Bautista skin for Gears 5 has been available since last year but now the model will escape being a Multiplayer mode exclusive and jump into the main campaign. The Coalition confirmed that the “New Game+” for Gears 5 will allow players to swap out the Marcus Fenix model and use Bautista’s instead. The new feature isn’t just a face swap, as Zoe Curnoe, principle lead producer for Gears 5, confirmed that there will be a new voice to accompany the skin.

This is likely the closest fans will get to having Dave Bautista fulfill his self-described destiny to play Marcus Fenix. Curnoe even agreed with that sentiment, telling IGN that this feature “is a great way of delivering to fans” who were supportive of Bautista’s campaign. Curnoe considers the campaign model to be a “natural evolution” from the skin’s multiplayer introduction. There is a lot more coming to the “New Game+” than just a new mug for Marcus. The which will bring next-gen enhancements for Xbox Series hardware will also feature new modes, skins and achievements.

Bautista’s new and bolder implementation into Gears 5 follows a trend of wrestling and video games becoming further connected. Many wrestlers are big video game fans, using Twitch as a means to play games and hang with fans. The news of Bautista stepping into the role comes just months after wrestler Samoa Joe confirmed he is voicing King Shark in the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game.

It’s a welcomed sight to see developers embracing fan desires in unique ways. A Gears film doesn’t appear to be a likely project so fans should be very happy with the chance to get as close as possible with the Bautista skin. At least Gears 5 fans can add it to the list of exciting features to check out when the update launches later this year.

Gears 5 is available now on PC and Xbox One with an improved version available at launch for the Xbox Series X/S.

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