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A few months ago, it was widely reported that former WWE wrestler-turned-actor considered playing Marcus Fenix in Universal’s upcoming Gears of movie a “dream role”. While not much has been said about the upcoming film since then, the Guardians of the Galaxy star has once again made his interest in the role known.

In an Tech segment where film stars being interviewed respond to the publication’s comment section, one commenter stated (in all caps) that Dave Bautista should be cast in a Gears of War movie. To this, Bautista responded that it was his destiny to play Marcus Fenix and that he had been “begging for the role for years.”

As of yet, no announcements about casting decisions for Universal’s upcoming Gears of War film have been made – in fact, very little is currently known about the project. As previously stated, this is not the first time that Bautista has voiced interest in the part, even going so far as to state in past interviews that he continues to contact the studio for details about the upcoming film based on one of Microsoft’s biggest video game franchises.

Since the suggestion was first made earlier this year, fans have created a petition to get Bautista the role of Fenix. The petition currently has near 1700 signatures since being created in June. With both Bautista and fans of the series showing continued enthusiasm for the actor being cast in the role, it will be interesting to see whether Universal actually does choose to act upon the suggestion. Thus far, fan art depicting the actor as Fenix does arguably seem to be somewhat fitting.

However, with almost no information about the film other than its planned development being known, it is highly unlikely that fans will hear any concrete casting information soon. At the moment, all fans can do is hope that whatever Universal has in store for the planned Gears of War film does the famed video game series justice.

Source: Tech (via Comic Book)

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