Gears of War Dev Clarifies ‘Alternate Reality’ Claim About Movie

For fans of  of , it had been a long time since anything substantial was heard about the upcoming film adaptation when head of The Coalition Rod Fergusson said in an interview a couple of weeks ago that the Gears of War movie would be set in an ‘alternate .’ This statement had many questioning the definition of “alternate ” in this context, leading to a widespread belief that the movie wouldn’t truly pertain to the Gears of War series, though Fergusson elaborated on the phrase saying that was not the case.

It was in a recent interview that Fergusson clarified the discussion of the upcoming Gears of War movie in which he indicated that the film has to “be a great movie first and a Gears movie second.” While it doesn’t necessarily point to a movie with no semblance of Gears of War influence, this implied that the creators of the film could be far less interested in adhering to Gears lore and ambiance than would be desired by fans of the franchise.

Fergusson spoke against this notion, stating “that’s not what this means.” He added, “by saying it’s in an ‘alternate reality,’ I’m not saying it doesn’t have game characters in it. I’m just saying that it doesn’t – it’s not in the game canon; something that happens in the movie doesn’t affect the games and something that happens in the games doesn’t affect the movie.” He exemplified his clarification by saying Marcus Fenix won’t necessarily be absent in the film.

This will likely come as good news to many Gears of War fans and those optimistic for the film adaptation. If the film were to dismiss any given elements of the Gears of War franchise, the dedicated fanbase would undoubtedly voice their concerns and the movie would be widely criticized for ignoring the series altogether. In fact, weaving a new narrative within the Gears universe that bears no consequence in the games allows for greater creative freedom and fewer restrictions in establishing a new cinematic Gears universe.

As for what the plot entails, there has been no major reveals or leaks thus far. Dave Bautista has lately expressed great interest in portraying Marcus Fenix, though any involvement past that is unknown at the moment.

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