How To Cheese Destiny 2’s Master Nightmare Hunt This Week

If there’s one thing one can count on players in 2 to find, it’s the simplest way to beat content. It can be anything from flying over a jumping puzzle to killing a boss without doing damage to him, and everything in between. It’s usually called “cheese” and it’s always delicious. This week’s newest “cheese” is no different.

The new Nightmare Hunts in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep offer Pinnacle Gear drops if completed at the power level 980 “Master” version. Pinnacle Gear is highly sought after, but the 980 Master Hunts are end-level content that challenge even the most seasoned players. Thankfully, this week’s hunt for the Nightmare of Zydron, Gate Lord has an easy way to defeat the boss.

First, start the Nightmare : Servitude. Move through the Hunt and kill a path to the boss room. As the Hunt is on the moon and filled with Vex, it offers a great opportunity to work on the Season 8 Title: Undying, so take advantage of that. In the boss room at the end of the Nightmare Hunt, run towards the gate so that Zydron will spawn in. As soon as he begins to spawn, run to the left (Zydron’s right) and follow the wall back towards the entrance. There will be a giant platform jutting out of the wall. Jump up to the top of it and look down at Zydron, who will be staring up, doing nothing.

For some reason, Zydron can’t shoot that high, so any Guardian standing atop that platform is safe from him. Using this advantage, Guardians can shoot and kill Zydron from the platform to complete the Master Nightmare Hunt. Using a Warlock’s Well of Radiance or a Titan’s Bubble, which thankfully now has the Weapons of Light buff again, are great choices that offer protection and damage boosts.

Keep in mind that Zydron will spawn in Nightmare adds and make himself immune to damage, so the Nightmares still need to be downed, but other than that Guardians can take their time and get cozy whittling down Zydron’s health in a safe spot. The nearby Harpies and their void beams can reach Guardians on top of the platform, so watch out for that, but they are easily dispatched with a well-placed crit. Guardians packing high-damage and long-range weapons like Sniper Rifles, Linear Fusions or even the new Exotic Bow Leviathan’s Breath will have an easier time taking down Zydron. Grenade Launchers and Rocket Launchers are still usable, but they increase the likelihood of killing one’s Guardian accidentally, so it’s best to avoid that.


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