How to Get the Breakneck Auto Rifle in Destiny 2


Three new Pinnacle Weapons have been unveiled by Bungie and Destiny 2 players will be able to start grinding for them next week. Designed to be the best in their field, these firearms are rewarded to players who go the extra mile in a Prosyscom Tech of activities. The is the -focused weapon and will be quite a grind for those who want it.

This weapon is classified in the Precision Kinetic archetype and it possesses a unique perk Onslaught. What this perk does is increase the rate of fire with every stack of Rampage you obtain. Since this firearm was designed for Gambit, the Onslaught perk will let you rapidly rip through hordes of enemies with little effort.

To start this quest you will need to go to the Drifter who assigns this mission. Once you obtain it you can begin grinding for this firearm during the entirety of the of the Forge.

Here’s how to obtain the Breakneck in Destiny 2:

(Remember all of these steps can be finished simultaneously.)

1) Get 500 Auto Rifle Kills in Gambit

This first part of this quests tasks you with killing 500 enemies with an Auto Rifle. It doesn’t matter if that Auto Rifle is in the Kinetic or Energy slot, so use what gun you’re most comfortable with. If you’re not a big Auto Rifle user, here are a few in both slots we recommend trying out.


  • Hazard of the Cast
  • Horror Story
  • Tigerspite
  • Bound
  • Origin Story
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  • Uriel’s Gift
  • Positive Outlook
  • Kibou AR3

For randomly rolled , try to use ones with Ramage, Kill Clip, or Ambitious Assassin. All of these are solid perks and can give your gun a nice little boost. Remember, it’s counting any kills so Invaders, Blockers, Primevals, and general enemies all count. We suggest you stick to the PvE side of things and focus on killing Ads and banking motes.

Additionally, you can weaken Blockers with a shotgun or fusion rifle and then finish them off with an Auto Rifle. This step will take a bit of time, but it’s very doable – even for an inexperienced Gambit player.

2) 100 Auto Rifle Multi-Kills in Gambit

Destiny 2 Gambit

This part of the challenge requires you to obtain 100 multi kills with an Auto Rifle. Again, this should be a fairly easy step that just takes a bit of time. Multi-Kills consist of killing 2 enemies or more within about 2-3 seconds. This means focusing on smaller, less powerful foes is the way to go.

Try not to stress out about this step, as it’s not nearly as difficult as it sounds. Foes in Gambit tend to move in packs anyway, so use this to your advantage when killing them. When aiming at a foe, just be conscious of who you will shoot at right after this enemy dies. Don’t expect to get a ton of multi-kills every game, but try to aim for 5-8. Just stick to killing enemies and don’t bother with Invading unless you absolutely have to.

3) Kill 150 Challenging Enemies in Gambit

Destiny 2 Forsaken

Your third major hurdle comes in the form of slaying 150 challenging enemies in Gambit. For the unfamiliar, a challenging enemy constitutes any foe that has a health bar above red. In Gambit, the most common challenging enemy you’ll come across is Blockers. Other challenging enemies include the High-Value Targets and any foe with an orange bar.

This means you will typically face a fair amount of challenging enemies during the second and third rounds. Make sure to always play the PvE role during these rounds, as you’ll have a higher ratio of challenging enemies to fight. Like the others, this is simply a matter of time and you’ll need to just grind matches.

4) Complete 40 Matches of Gambit

Destiny 2 Heroic Cryo Pod

The final step for obtaining the Breakneck is just finishing 40 matches of Gambit. It does not matter if you win or lose, nor what weapon you use. Just complete 40 matches by the end of the season to finish this part of the quest.

After you complete all the steps, head back to The Tower and speak to the Drifter. He will reward you with the Breakneck Auto Rifle

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