How to Get the First To The Forge Emblem in Destiny 2

2’s Black Armory DLC has officially started, so to celebrate is offering a special in-game emblem for those who use the Store. on Twitter, this emblem will be directly tied to the of the and gone once the Season of the starts.

In order to obtain the First To The Forge emblem, you will need to buy any item from the Bungie Store during the Season of the Forge. Once this happens, Bungie should send you an email with a code and instructions on how to redeem your emblem. The item is tied to your account, meaning it should be wearable on multiple systems as long as they are all linked together.

We aren’t sure if you will get the emblem for buying any of the special gifts tied to in-game achievements such as Seals or Pinnacle Weapons. However, since you still have to pay a fee for these items after the discount, we assume that this will still count towards getting the First To The Forge emblem.

For those who just want to buy something, Bungie offers a pretty sizable amount of items, collectibles, and clothing. Most of these items are cheap, but if you’re a fan of  Destiny 2 we doubt you’ll have trouble finding something for yourself.

How to Get the First To The Forge Emblem in Destiny 2 1

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