How to Make Chocolate Ship Cookies in Destiny 2 The Dawning

Destiny 2 Chocolate Ship Cookies

2’s winter event – The Dawning – has officially begun and it’s bringing baking to this FPS/RPG hybrid. One of the big items that players will be chasing after is a new Exotic Sparrow called Dawning Cheer. In order to complete this vehicles blueprint, you’ll need to craft some delicious treats for different characters. Here’s how to make the Chocolate Ship for Amanda during The Dawning Event.

To craft Chocolate Ship Cookies you will need 1 part Cabal Oil, 1 part Null Taste, and 15 Essence of Dawning. In order to obtain Cabal Oil, all you have to do is kill Cabal across the solar system. This is randomly given to you once a Cabal is killed and does not drop on the ground. We found that around every 20-30 Cabal we were getting a single drop of Cabal Oil.

As for Null Taste, you can acquire this by getting Void kills in any activity and against any foe. This one will take a bit of time, but you have a chance to obtain a Null Taste from any enemy defeated with a Void ability or weapon. The most consistent method appears to be with a Void Super, be we also had success using a Void Machine Gun. Your only risk is sometimes the game will award you with a different crafting material since certain weapons, races, and types of kills are tied to other items.

Finally, to get Essence of Dawning you just have to complete challenges, bounties, or activities in Destiny 2. You’ll be getting a lot of this crafting material so don’t worry about needing to farm it. However, Public Events are the best and fastest way to obtain Essence of Dawning since each one gives players 5 upon completion.

Once you have all of the materials, just open up your inventory and select Eva’s Holiday Oven. From here you can put in the ingredients and it will automatically craft the Chocolate Ship Cookies for Amanda. Now all you have to do is go and give them to her at The Tower.

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