How to Unlock King K Rool in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Unlock King K Rool

K is one of the newest fighters added to Super Smash . and perhaps one easies to unlock. The arch nemesis of Donkey Kong, King K Rool has been a long requested character from fans despite his absence from the Donkey Kong franchise.

If you want to obtain King K Rool, just beat Classic Mode once with Link. This will make this fearsome appear and challenge the player to a fight. He is guaranteed to show up if you finish this with Link, even if you use continues. There is no difficulty requirement, so if you really want him set it to the lowest and just rush through the .

For those who prefer normal Super Smash Bros. Ultimate matches, King K Rool is the 16th fighter to appear. This will take longer since you’ll need to finish quite a few matches to make him show up, so it’s not the quickest method. However, if time is not important then you will eventually just stumble across when while playing.

We recommend just beating Classic Mode once with Link. It’s pretty and the only point you may have trouble is against Ganon. Remember, this beast’s tail is his weak point so always try to get behind him in the fight. After you beat Ganon, just kick K Rool’s butt and he will be unlocked as a fighter.

How to Unlock King K Rool in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 1

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