Kingdom Hearts 3 Players Can Glitch into DLC’s Secret Area

Kingdom 3 Re: Mind introduced a new feature to the game called Data Greeting, which is only supposed to allow players to create custom photos. However, the community has discovered another use for the feature that enables them to into and explore the DLC’s secret boss arena. Please note that this post will have some spoilers for the Kingdom Hearts 3 Re: Mind DLC.

For clarity, the arena talked about here belongs to Yozora, who did, in fact, turn out to be the DLC’s secret boss. After Sora experiences his epic duel with Yozora, players gain the site of the battle as a location to use in the Data Greeting mechanic, which they can then use to not only enter the arena but explore the out-of-bounds city surrounding it.

Twitter user RabalaTWEWYF found the glitch, but YouTube channel The χ-Archives showcased it. Performing the glitch requires players to set up invisible platforms in a specific way near the arena’s edge. Once they’ve done that, Sora will glitch off of the stage and be able to fly around the surrounding Shibuya-like city. Players will, of course, need the glide ability to pull this off. Once they’ve enjoyed their flight around the city, players just need to press the pause button to return to the arena, where they can perform the glitch all over again if they like.

Despite the boss fight with Yozara being bound to the arena, the surrounding city features quite a bit of detail. The 104 building (based off of real-life Shibuya’s 109) even has collision detection, though, everything beyond it does not. Players can glide through and around the city for what seems like forever before they need to return to the main stage. All of this suggests that Yozora’s Verum Rex world will make an appearance in future games, which happens to be common with most Kingdom Hearts secret bosses.

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Further evidence comes from the fact that Nomura, the game’s director, had already stated that Yozora and his world take inspiration from unused Final Fantasy Versus 13 concepts, another project that happened to belong to Nomura before it turned into Final Fantasy 15. How exactly Yozora’s future beyond Kingdom Hearts 3 will play out remains a mystery, but a recent interview with Nomura suggests that fans won’t have long to find out. He claims that two new Kingdom Hearts development teams have joined Square Enix’s roster, and one of them already has another installment in development that will be coming out “surprisingly soon.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 is out now for PS4 and One.

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