Modern Warfare Player Shares Genius Strategy for Grinding Co-Op XP

The Call of Duty franchise is notorious for its ruthless multiplayer modes. In response, with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward expanded the game’s co-op missions. Although players might pass up the Spec Ops cooperative missions for other game modes nowadays, completing missions can give players some unique benefits. Recently, one longtime fan revealed the most efficient way for players looking to mine experience points.

When looking for a more relaxing experience, Reddit user ARationalVoice found himself turning to the Spec Ops mode. As he played with both teams and bots, the Modern Warfare player accumulated more than 200,000 experience points. After establishing his expertise over co-op, ARationalVoice offered a strategy guide for players looking to grind.

According to the Reddit post, the Medic class is the best to play on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s co-op missions. ARationalVoice cited the class’s ability to speed up revivals as crucial. Incidentally, this ability also reduces the damage one takes while helping a teammate by a small margin. The Reddit user also pointed out that players can easily exploit the instant team revive to their advantage. The only other class ARationalVoice recommended was the Assault class for its stopping power.

While loadouts are more flexible, the writer’s preferred layout is a Riot Shield, a XRK 30″ sport shotgun, C4 and tactical rounds. ARationalVoice then gave a step-by-step analysis on each of the eight missions.

In the Reddit replies, many fans praised the Modern Warfare guide’s exhaustive details. While some talked about their own struggles with missions like Paladin, others shared their own winning loadouts. Some pointed out the few tips that ARationalVoice missed out on in Operations Harbinger, Stronghold and Kuvalda. Some commenters took the opportunity to debate the merits of the Spec Ops mode. While one response complained about how hard Spec Ops missions were to casually play, others talked about how much fun they had with teammates in the co-op mode.

Ultimately, more competitive fans should not pass up the Spec Ops missions if they want to upgrade their weapons and get new attachments. With the right Modern Warfare loadout, players can conquer any mission.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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