New Borderlands 3 Trailer ‘Claptrap Presents: Pandora’ Released

With E3 2019 now past and Borderlands 3‘s release date still over two months away, Gearbox is sliding back into a traditional marketing march. Today the company released a new trailer for the upcoming shooter/looter, titled “Claptrap : .” The trailer hearkens back to the original Borderlands‘ Claptrap Web Series episodes, in more ways than one. As such, the Claptrap trailer serves as somewhat of a cross-generational work connecting past Borderlands games to Borderlands 3.

Specifically, beyond the Claptrap Web Series format, the new trailer reintroduces another familiar face that franchise fans are sure to recognize. Welcome Steve to Borderlands 3, the friendly and also quite violent bandit. Or at least he used to be a bandit. Steve was Claptrap’s cameraman for the Claptrap Web Series and became well known for his catchphrase, “Heyo.” Through the years, Steve has shown up in most Borderlands projects in one form or another. And while he’s wearing the outfit of a psycho instead of a bandit now, he’s back for Borderlands 3, too.

The Claptrap Presents: Pandora trailer does more than revisit the relationship between Claptrap and Steve, however. It also offers a closer look at some of the Pandora region’s wildlife, from skags to skags. While Borderlands fans may be familiar with many or most of the Pandora wildlife by now, the creatures have clearly received a dramatic visual overhaul that should prove interesting.

Given that Borderlands 3 won’t be set on a single-planet like its predecessors, it stands to reason that this is just the first Claptrap trailer in a series. Perhaps Gearbox will provide a range of Claptrap Presents videos featuring Claptrap and Steve touring the universe and introducing all manner of wicked new creatures and monsters.

One especially notable detail to pay special attention to in the new Borderlands 3 trailer is the voice of Claptrap. As has been widely reported on, Claptrap’s voice actor has been replaced for Borderlands 3. The previous voice actor has a very public ongoing dispute with Gearbox head Randy Pitchford, though he’s not the only one. The new voice actor, Jim Foronda, really gets to show off his Claptrap in this new trailer. And for the most part, it seems fans won’t have to worry whether or not Foronda can pull the character off well. It’s hard to tell there’s even a difference.

Borderlands 3 releases September 13 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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