Borderlands 4 Could See These Former Enemies Becoming Allies

The franchise has always been packed full of memorable enemy types for players to fight. Wildlife like Skags and Rakks can attack from the ground and the air, while human have ranged from the iconic Borderlands psychos to the military forces of Maliwan, Atlas, and Dahl. Still, because of Borderlands 2's status as the most beloved game in the series, Hyperion loader bots are likely some of the first enemies that come to mind when thinking of the fights the franchise offers – though they may not be foes next time players see them.

While gamers battled a ton of Hyperion bots in Borderlands 2 on their way to defeating Handsome Jack, they understandably took a backseat during Borderlands 3. This was understandable, as not only were new enemies needed to provide some gameplay scenarios that felt truly different, but Hyperion had been taken down by the Crimson Raiders years before Borderlands 3 took place. However, loaders did reappear in Borderlands 3's first DLC, and this expansion's ending could explain why they are friendly next time they make an appearance.

Borderlands 4 Loaders May Be Reprogrammed

Heist of the Handsome Jackpot continued the trend of Moxxi quietly building a business empire. Like the name suggests, her goal was to hijack Handsome Jack's outer space casino and add it to her deep portfolio of companies. She succeeds in this goal by the time players roll credits, adding the casino onto a list that includes the arena from Borderlands 2's Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage expansion and the various bars that she operates. However, she did not just gain money by stealing Jack's abandoned casino.

Considering that Jack ran the Handsome Jackpot, it's no surprise that he used Hyperion Loaders as his security force. As a result of this, the majority of enemies that players fight against during the expansion are loaders, melting everything from Scraptraps to Constructers with their corrosive Borderlands weapons. However, all the loader bots spread throughout the casino and Trashlantis do not suddenly appear when the casino falls into Moxxi's hands. Instead, she likely gains control of all the Hyperion Loaders that wander the casino.

While the loaders may need to be reprogrammed so that they are less hostile, there are plenty of genius minds in the Borderlands universe who are capable of the task. And unless Mad Moxxi suddenly undergoes some kind of villain turn, then she will likely give these loaders to the Crimson Raiders to expand their forces and help make the search for Lilith easier. All throughout the galaxy, players can find friendly loaders helping out the Raiders' , making a once-dangerous foe an unlikely partner in Borderlands 4.

Considering how beloved Loader Bot was in the original Tales from the Borderlands, it has already been proven that friendly Loaders can work well in the franchise. Additionally, there are a lot of fun opportunities for Loaders that are programmed to resemble Moxxi's aesthetic. Hearing the bots speak with innuendo while dressed in outfits that better suit Moxxi's establishments could be extremely funny, providing some fresh yet familiar opportunities for jokes in the next Borderlands game.

With Borderlands 4 not even confirmed yet, this is obviously just a theory, as there is no guarantee that Loaders will be featured at all in the next release. Still, their reappearance would make sense, as Moxxi having what is essentially a small military force under her control should be brought up. Now more than ever, Mad Moxxi could turn out to be one of the Crimson Raiders' most valuable allies, using her new army to help the faction win whatever fights are around the corner in Borderlands 4.

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