New Destiny 2 Exotic Has a Weird Damage Bug

While the community appears to be generally split over the success of the current 2 seasonal event known as the Guardian Games, one bright spot has emerged from all of the medal and bounty gathering. The exotic machine gun Heir Apparent is fairly easy to earn and has proven to be a beast at dealing with enemies in both PvE and PvP. Based on the weapon a Cabal Colossus uses against players, this exotic is a high Gatling gun the comes complete with the spinning up mechanic. However, one player may have discovered an interesting glitch.

Over on the Destiny 2 subReddit, one player immediately ventured over to the Tribute Hall to play around with their newly earned Heir Apparent machine gun. As many have found out, the proper way to use the gun is to first spin up the barrel using the aim button before firing the ammo using the other trigger. While playing around with the firing mechanics, an odd glitch seemingly popped up out of nowhere.

While testing the weapon against Cabal Centurions, the player experimented with the triggers and firing mechanics. Interestingly enough, they discovered that if they held down the shoot button while not spinning up first and then held the spinning up button, the Centurion’s shield began taking damage as if it was being shot. This method actually didn’t use any ammunition, basically giving the player a way to deal damage with infinite ammo. Keep in mind that this was against a stationary target that wasn’t trying to fight back.

As game breaking as that sounds, as soon as the player invited a friend into their fireteam to show them the glitch inside of the Tribute Hall, it stopped working completely. As such, the pair came to the conclusion that in PvE, this glitch only works when solo and not in a fireteam. In addition, the damage to the enemy isn’t significant, even though the overshield appears as normal.

Shockingly, when this glitch was tested in the Crucible, the opposite was true. As long as the magazine had one bullet in the chamber, the glitch reappeared and damaged the enemy player without using any heavy ammo. Considering the impact this may or may not have, it’s likely that Bungie won’t leave this glitch in place which will likely further upset the community over another exotic being disabled again.

As surprising as this is, it’s not the first time an exotic has had unintentional features. In fact, this year as seen a number of exotics get disabled for a certain amount of time while Bungie worked to correct a bug or glitch. The Telesto has caused the studio numerous headaches over the past few months as well as the Wormgod Caress and Winter’s Guile exotic armor. Most recently, the recently added Felwinter’s Helm has been the source of a glitch where the exotic’s ability triggered on every kill, not just melee or finisher kills.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.


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