NieR Replicant Reveals Barren Temple Gameplay

Square Enix releases new footage of the upcoming NieR remaster, showing off smoother combat, improved visuals, and returning voice talent.

Square Enix has released new footage of the upcoming remaster NieR Replicant that is releasing in just a few months. The video shows off nine minutes of from the Barren Temple, a location from the first part of the game.

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 is an updated remaster of the 2010 game NieR, which is itself a spinoff of the often-ignored Drakengard series. It is a story-heavy action-RPG that follows a teenage protagonist trying to save his sister from a deadly disease known as the Black Scrawl. Many questions still remain about the NieR rerelease, but fortunately, Square has answered many of them with this new gameplay video.

The first half of the clip shows the protagonist exploring the mysterious area, eventually entering the temple itself and encountering several enemies. The combat seems much smoother than it was in the original release, likely updated to be more in line with its successor, NieR Automata. Likewise, the visuals are also heavily improved. The Barren Temple area retains its dour atmosphere, but now fully utilizes the graphical capability of modern consoles. Additionally, this video confirms that Laura Bailey and Liam O’Brien are returning as Kainé and Grimoire Weiss respectively, much to the pleasure of fans.

Notably, this is the first time fans have heard the English voice of this protagonist. For those that don’t know, the original NieR had a different protagonist between the Japanese and English versions, with the Japanese protagonist being a teenager and the western protagonist being an adult. This rerelease will have only have the teenage protagonist across all regions, so a new voice actor had to be cast. The exact casting is still not officially confirmed, but their performance in this video already sounds fantastic. The NieR series is known for its stellar stories from the mind of Yoko Taro, so having a skilled voice actor for the main protagonist is essential.

NieR Automata was an absolute phenomenon, so it should be interesting to see how well this rerelease does from a sales perspective. The original didn’t sell amazingly, but went on to become a cult classic, so the word of mouth will hopefully bring this title new success. Automata isn’t a direct sequel, but the two games do tie together in several ways, so fans who began with Automata will be able to learn some added context about certain characters and locales.

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 is releasing for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 23.

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