Overwatch 2 Confirms Partnership Between Bastion and Torbjorn

Blizzard Entertainment much-awaited 2 has recently made noise again online, updating its community with reworks of different characters such as and Sombra. Now, the development team has confirmed that the sentry bot and weapons engineer Torbjorn have since formed a relationship after the end of the base game, and this can be seen in Bastion’s updated look in the sequel.

Many gaming fans are likely aware that Blizzard Entertainment has been under much negative scrutiny due to harassment and abuse issues that are now being prosecuted legally. Even so, the Overwatch 2 team has not been deterred from releasing new information about the sequel. Character updates, reworks, and new skins have slowly been littering the game’s official channels, and now the focus has been turned to damage-dealing hero Bastion.

This is not the first time that the Overwatch 2 developers discussed Bastion’s new look. But the team has recently dropped a new short video that gives more details about the hero’s updated skin, and the elements around it. In the title’s official YouTube channel, character art director Arnold Tsang confirmed the friendship between Bastion and Torbjorn through the Overwatch comic title Binary. And given Torbjorn’s supposed penchant for giving friends tech upgrades, Tsang explains that this works well with why Bastion has an upgraded image, and one of Torbjorn’s old hats, for Overwatch 2.

Tsang also shares that they found it tricky to retain Bastion’s nostalgic rustiness, given that the team’s aim for Overwatch 2 was to make the heroes look techier and sleeker. However, they were able to work around this and still make sure Bastion keeps that same rustic feel when being used by the players. The development team also hoped to make Bastion feel more friendly and approachable, and adding Torbjorn’s hat as part of the new skin is a step towards that goal.

Blizzard has definitely suffered big losses in the past few months due to legal issues, such as the Overwatch 2 executive producer leaving. And this has likely put a lot of doubt in the game’s fans’ minds about how the development of the title will progress. However, with the team constantly providing updates such as these, there seems to be a glimmer of hope that the sequel’s development may be progressing nicely. Hopefully the team decides on a final release date for Overwatch 2, and shares it with the title’s community sooner rather than later.

Overwatch 2 is currently in development for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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