Overwatch Community Thinks Pharah Deserves a Massive Buff

fans are often debating about which characters are overpowered and which ones could use a buff. One character that some members of the community think could use a buff is Damage hero , who some feel isn’t being used as much in the game due to her being underpowered.

In a lengthy Reddit post by user Drunken_Queen, many of the problems with Pharah in her current state were outlined. The first point is that Pharah isn’t usually a viable pick in Overwatch unless the team has a Mercy. The Mercy/Pharah combo, often referred to as PharMercy, can be very effective, but Pharah is far less useful without a Mercy there to pocket heal her and buff her damage output.

Drunken_Queen also points out how other DPS characters are almost always better picks than Pharah, like Hanzo, for example, as he is able to one-shot “squishy” characters. They also pointed to the McCree buff and the D.Va buff as making Pharah far less relevant as well, as McCree is able to shoot Pharah out of the sky easier and D.Va’s mobility makes it easier for the tank hero to engage Pharah in the air.

Drunken_Queen’s assessment of the current state of Pharah extends beyond gameplay issues. They also point out how Pharah has been neglected when it comes to Overwatch‘s lore. Drunken_Queen theorizes that the introduction of Pharah’s mother, sniper-healer Ana, is part of the reason why Pharah has been put on the back-burner. Pharah has not had any significant lore since 2016 when she appeared in her own Overwatch comic, Mission Statement. Pharah is far from the only neglected Overwatch hero, but with new heroes still being added, it seems even less likely that Blizzard will have time to give proper lore attention to some of the characters already in the game.

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And finally, Drunken_Queen also points out how Pharah has not been getting a lot of attention in terms of new cosmetics either. The last time Pharah received a new skin was the Anniversary 2019 event, with a number of in-game events coming and going since then where Pharah didn’t get any significant new cosmetics. It will be interesting to see if Blizzard responds to this by giving Pharah a little more attention moving forward, whether that’s true a buff, more representation in lore, or new cosmetics.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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