Revenge of the Cartels event in Borderlands 3

A strategy in Borderlands 3 allows players to score some easy legendary loot from the Revenge of the Cartels event, even on Mayhem 10.

With the release of the Revenge of the Cartels event in Borderlands 3, players are keen on getting their hands on the exclusive loot that the limited-time event has to offer. Luckily, a strategy has been discovered that allows players to have a bit of an easier time obtaining this loot and sorting through which would work best for their character.

The loot farm is only accessible to players that have the Borderlands 3 DLC that is known as Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot. The farm can be accomplished with any character or build by traveling to the Compactor in the Handsome Jackpot. This is where players will want to farm the mini Scraptrap bosses before they fight Scraptrap Prime.

Scraptrap Prime isn’t necessary to fight at all during this farm as he does not drop the beacon that spawns Cartel enemies so players will have an easier time just fighting the mini Scraptraps. Since there are so many of them, players can simply kill them with a corrosive weapon and have many beacons drop that will spawn Cartel enemies.

Once players see that they have killed enough mini Scraptraps, they can simply walk through the crate that would normally allow for progression. Standing at the end of the crate will allow for any remaining Scraptraps to despawn and reset the encounter without having to save and quit the entire session, which speeds up this amazing farming process.

For a recommendation of weapons, it would be best to bring along the Yellowcake rocket launcher as it is a corrosive weapon and it is one of the most powerful weapons in the game currently. Players can substitute this weapon out with any other hard-hitting corrosive weapon, but if they are using the Yellowcake, it would be best to bring a Big Boom Blaster shield for ammo regeneration as well as class mods and artifacts that boost heavy weapon damage.

With this farming method, players will have a way better time when trying to hunt down the event loot even on the new Mayhem 10 difficulty. The Revenge of the Cartels event began on April 23 and will last until June 4, so players should try out this method before this event, and the legendary items it brings, go away for the foreseeable future.

Borderlands 3 is available for PC, PS4, Stadia, and .

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