Skull and Bones Has Gone Through ‘Lots of Reboots,’ Not Coming Soon

This week, it was confirmed that Ubisoft has five AAA games slated to release before March 2021, though what those games are Ubisoft chose not to say. This has left some fans speculating about the forthcoming titles, and there are quite a few likely candidates. However, it’s looking like the company’s pirate-adventure game and Bones isn’t going to be one of them.

Since the announcement of Skull and Bones back at E3 2017, the game has been delayed multiple times from its original launch window of fall 2018. As of now, Skull and Bones is officially scheduled to launch at some point after March 2020, which could technically mean that it is one of the aforementioned AAA games, but Kotaku’s Jason Schreir says fans shouldn’t hold their breath.

On Twitter, Schreier recently indicated that Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods and Monsters, Ubisoft games that were delayed at the end of last year, are three of the five forthcoming AAA titles. Schreier additionally stated that the other two will be Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok and the recently-leaked Far Cry 6, and this led a Twitter user to ask about the current situation with Skull and Bones.

Schreier’s response was brief, and he said that the game has seen “lots of ” as well as the departure of its creative director in late 2018. When Ubisoft delayed Skull and Bones last year, it was said that the company wanted to take its time to put “quality first” and ensure the game becomes “as awesome as it can be,” and indeed Schreier suggests that “it’ll be a while” still before the game reaches that point.

Originally, Skull and Bones was marketed as Ubisoft expanding the popular naval elements of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag into a full game, complete with a number of multiplayer modes, the ability to customize one’s pirate ship, and open-world areas to sail across and explore. It’s very possible that these elements will still be included in Skull and Bones when it eventually releases, but with all of the troubles the game’s development has reportedly gone through, that may not be the case.

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Still, odds are Ubisoft won’t abandon the project anytime soon. While its status as a new IP means it may not have the prestige of Ubisoft’s established franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six, the company has shown confidence in Skull and Bones and even made plans to expand the IP with a female-led Skull and Bones TV show.

Skull and Bones is in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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