Smash Bros. Ultimate Players Claim Piranha Plant is Corrupting Saves

Players who have already stumbled across this problem themselves can restore their data via cloud , so long as they have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Players can access their save data by accessing the Home screen, pressing the ‘+' button with Super . Ultimate highlighted, selecting Save Data Cloud Backup and then downloading an existing save from the cloud to overwrite the data on the Switch.

While not every player is experiencing this issue, the safest course of action is for those who have already downloaded and installed the update to avoid playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, until another patch is issued to fix the problem. While simply avoiding Piranha itself might be enough to protect one's save files, with other characters from the roster allegedly being affected, it's still potentially risky.

This issue underscores a problem inherent to the Nintendo Switch: users can't back up their saves on their own, so without the Nintendo Switch Online subscription cloud saves, corrupt save data could mean starting a game all over again. For a game as massive as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a huge list of unlockable characters, spirits, and a lengthy story campaign, many gamers could potentially lose hundreds of hours of progress due to this glitch.

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