THQ Nordic E3 2019 Plans Leak, Include Destroy All Humans

It’s E3 season, and that means leaks are everywhere. Some of these leaks are likely legitimate, whereas others are fake, and until E3 itself comes and goes, we can’t say for sure which is which. The latest “leak” could really go either way, and it has to deal with THQ Nordic’s E3 2019 plans, which apparently the revival of the Destroy All franchise and a new Darksiders game.

It appears THQ Nordic’s E3 2019 plans may have leaked during the company’s controversial 8chan AMA. User THQN_Reinhard posted a screenshot of what was said to be THQ Nordic’s E3 2019 lineup, which was later shared by Twitter user Afro_Gear. Usually this would be written off as some random forum poster making things up, but recent comments by THQ Nordic lend some more legitimacy to the supposed leak.

Before we get to why the leak may be accurate, here are all the games that THQ Nordic will showcase at E3 2019, according to the leak

  • Darksiders: Genesis
  • Destroy All Humans
  • Desperados
  • Monster Jam
  • Biomutant
  • Monkey King

The reason why some people are taking this leak seriously is because of a recent comment by THQ Nordic. THQ Nordic said that it would be bringing a “galactically beloved game/franchise” to E3 2019, with the word “galactically” most likely being a nod to the Destroy All Humans franchise. After all, Destroy All Humans is about an alien terrorizing humans, and none of the other leaked games really fit the outer space, science-fiction bill.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that the leaker just guessed what THQ Nordic would be showing at E3 2019, and it was just a coincidence that they were right. It’s also possible that THQ Nordic is referring to another game entirely, though it’s hard to guess what that game could possibly be.

Regardless, we recommend fans take all of this information with a grain of salt. If a new Destroy All Humans or the rumored Darksiders: Genesis do exist, we should find out more at E3 2019 in June.


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