How to Unlock Fortnite Skull Claus Spray For Free

Epic Games is no stranger to giving away free cosmetics in and that hasn’t changed in Season 5.

To celebrate the first major competitive event of the season, Epic Games is offering not only a large chunk of cash for players, but also a free cosmetic if you’re able to come away with a certain amount of points.

The Skully Clause spray is up for grabs for anybody that is able to come away with five points in the Frosty Frenzy. This event takes place over the days of December 12 and 13, so make sure you check your in-game Compete tab for the exact time for your region.

That might sound like a daunting task for somebody who hasn’t really dabbled in competitive Fortnite, but it’s actually a bit easier than it sounds.

How to Get the Free Spray

Getting five points will be the equivalent of getting three eliminations across the entire event, which shouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities for many players, even those who don’t spend hours in Creative mode grinding mechanics.

Alternatively, you could just earn placement points as hitting the top 10 in a match will reward you with the five points as well.

Even if you aren’t able to get the spray, at the end of the day, it’s simply a cosmetic that you likely won’t be using a ton. Sprays have never really been all that popular, so don’t free if you’re not able to get it.

It’s a Trios Tournament

The Frosty Frenzy is a Trios tournament, meaning you’ll need to grab two additional friends in order to compete.

This format of Trios is likely to be part of many tournaments in the future as Epic Games has already committed to having a Trios format throughout 2021, which is cool to see.

Of course, it’s a bummer if you’re primarily a solos, duos or even squads player, but Epic does say there will be additional tournaments for those of you out there.

We’ll just have to hope whatever tournaments they have in the future will also come with some free goodies like this one.

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