When Can Fans Expect to See Dragon Age 4 Again?

It’s been nearly two years since BioWare first announced that Dragon Age 4 is in development. The official reveal of the game was unveiled during 2018’s The Game Awards, which showed an extremely short trailer that didn’t really show too much. Last month, some screenshots of Dragon Age 4 made a surprise appearance at EA Play, which showed images depicting a dark environment. The only clue that allowed to recognize that the images are from Dragon Age 4 is the clumps of Red Lyrium, which many believe would play a significant role in the upcoming game.

Apart from the EA Play tease, BioWare also confirmed that Dragon Age 4 is in development for the PlayStation 5 (and presumably the Xbox Series X). Of course, given thatBioWare has been extremely silent about the development of its popular fantasy RPG, many are wondering when the game would actually be released. At the moment, there is no official word on this matter, but many speculate a 2021 release window at the very least, even if that is a bit of a stretch. The question now is, when can players a more in-depth update on Dragon Age 4?

When To Expect Another Dragon Age 4 Announcement

Assuming that the 2021 release window is true or close to true, then fans should expect a more detailed announcement sometime this year. Predicting when exactly the announcement could be made is fairly difficult, especially since it appears that Dragon Age 4 is still in its early stages of development. However, it wouldn’t be unlikely for the game to make a surprising appearance on the next PS5 event. Last month, several huge games that are expected to come out to the next-generation console were featured during the huge PS5 event, and it wouldn’t be unlikely if Dragon Age 4 would receive the same treatment. Of course, the game could also make a surprise announcement, and BioWare may even decide to reveal it via a live stream.

However, apart from a PS5 event or a surprise announcement, there are two other events where BioWare could reveal Dragon Age 4. First is Dragon Age day, which falls on December 4, where players of the franchise come together to celebrate the Dragon Age series. Although this event remains unofficial, BioWare has joined the Dragon Age community in past celebrations.

Of course, if not Dragon Age day, then the likeliest venue where BioWare could showcase an in-depth trailer of Dragon Age 4 is in the upcoming Game Awards, which usually falls sometime in December. At the moment, the specific date of this year’s The Game Awards is still unknown, and it may not even have an actual event due to the ongoing pandemic. If the event pushes through this year, then it is a likely venue for BioWare to showcase the game because it is at this same event two years ago where Dragon Age 4 was first announced.

What Fans Could See in Dragon Age 4

So far, BioWare has committed to not use the same hero twice as the main protagonist. Each of the three Dragon Age games had their own heroes, though Hawke could make an appearance in Dragon Age: Inquisition, while The Hero of Ferelden was heavily referenced by other characters in the game. Speaking of characters, players may also see some returning companions in the game, though the most likely is Solas, given that Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC and the first DA4 teaser heavily suggested that he will play a huge role in the upcoming game. This also led to some speculation on whether the Inquisitor will also make a return in the upcoming game because, in the first teaser, Solas’ voice could be heard saying, “So, you found me at last. I suspect you have questions.” It is still unclear who Solas was referring to, but players will remember that Solas once said the exact same thing to The Inquisitor.

As far as the story goes, it appears that the game’s plot will heavily revolve around Red Lyrium. In various images shown at EA Play 2020, players noticed the abundance of Red Lyrium in the game, which suggests that it will play a central role in the upcoming game. Dragon Age players were first introduced to Red Lyrium during the second game when Hawke and Varric discovered it and it even corrupted Varric’s brother Bartrand. In Inquisition, the opening of the Breach caused Red Lyrium to appear all over Thedas and was used by the Templars, which led to their corruption. If the player decides to help the mages against Alexius, Corypheus will use the corrupted Templars as part of his army.

Now, the 2018 teaser and the EA Play images almost make it certain that Red Lyrium would play a central role in Dragon Age 4. Of course, the exact details of the story and how Red Lyrium would once again shake up the world of Thedas remains to be seen. Hopefully, BioWare releases a more in-depth trailer soon, one that gives players a little bit of an idea on what the next game in the Dragon Age franchise would be about.

Dragon Age 4 is in development for PS5.

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