Where to Catch Legendary Fish in Fortnite Season 4

One of the challenges in this week of asks players to catch a fish, which might sound a bit more daunting than it actually is.

While the Midas and Vendetta Floppers are among the rarest in the entire game, there are actually some easier fish to catch, such as the Thermal Flopper.

To make things even easier on you, you don’t even need to track down a Pro Fishing Rod to catch them. Regular fishing rods and even Harpoon Guns will work just fine if you’re trying to bring home a Legendary fish.

Let’s take a look at some of the easy ways you can knock this challenge out.

Grab a Fishing Rod or Harpoon Gun

Epic Games That one strange fish

Outside of the Midas and Vendetta Flopper, there are some other you can catch without even having to get the pro rod.

For example, the Thermal Fish can be found at any fishing spot in the game and can be caught with any type of rod or Harpoon Gun. There are variants of this fish that need a Pro Fishing Rod, but the one you’re looking for won’t require that.

The Thermal Fish is much more common than the rest of the Legendary fish as well, so this will definitely one of the ones you want to focus on to finish this challenge. Just land somewhere with a bunch of fishing spots and you should be in the clear.

How Else Can You Consume Legendary Fish?

If you’re somebody who doesn’t enjoy fishing in Fortnite, you actually don’t have to if you want to finish this challenge.

Eliminating somebody who has some of these fish in their inventory will work just fine, but you’re not likely to find a Midas or Vendetta in their arsenal since they likely consume those quite fast.

However, a Thermal Fish could definitely be found in somebody’s inventory because that is something that could end up being situational, so eating it right away won’t always be in your best interest.

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