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With Halloween right around the corner, it makes sense that Fortnite‘s skins are seemingly and eerie – or at least tied to the festive holiday. 6’s final Battle Pass skin is a werewolf, which complements some of the other skins released thus far (Red Riding Hood, for example). However, some additions to Fortnite are on the lighter, more wintry side of the spectrum.

For some, these additions seemingly suggest that season 7 could potentially have a theme related to Christmas. After all, the company is known for its events, especially those related to holidays, with some kind of Halloween event anticipated for later this month. However, it’s worth mentioning that Games has recently revealed its Deep Freeze bundle, which definitely correlates with the winter holiday more so than Halloween. It seems almost as if Games is slowly preparing for next season, which the company is often known for doing.

This is made evident by the mystery cube’s introduction late last season and continuing importance in season 6. While it is a small thing, the chiller trap also supports this theory, as it doesn’t really relate with the Darkness-theme of the current season.

fortnite halloween update

Moreover, it is also important to note that season 6 will end sometime in early December, which is significant because last year’s holiday event began on December 13. Another exciting aspect to this theory is that the snowball launcher could return from the Vault, which is filled with several weapons at this point. This further supports this theory about season 7, but as of now, there is no telling what Epic Games will do.

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Regardless, if Epic Games chose to pursue a theme contingent upon the holiday season, it would likely be well-received. Until then, season 6 of Fortnite still has months to go and plenty to offer. Tell us, Ranters, what would you think of a Christmas-themed season 7?

Fortnite is available now in early access for iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. An Android beta is currently underway

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