Renault Cheval Design Exercise Is Inspired By Stealth Planes, Sharks And Horses | Feature

Regardless of their size and shape, Renaults won’t get anyone’s heart pumping, unless they’ve been developed by Renaultsport or carry the revived Alpine nameplate.

However, the one pictured here is none of the above, yet it still manages to capture the essence of the brand, while positioning it against the likes of Alfa Romeo by having something very special: a soul.

It’s signed by Amandeep Verma and is a sports coupe with a sleek, flowing design. It’s 4,330 mm (170.5 in) long, 2,170 mm (85.4 in) tall and 1,080 mm (45.5 in) tall, according to the digital artist, and has a 2,776 mm- (109.3in) long wheelbase. This makes it shorter, wider and lower than the Megane IV and brings it closer to one of the hottest sports cars of the moment: the Mercedes-AMG GT.

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by fighter jets, F1 cars, sharks, tigers, bulls and horses, it targets young car enthusiasts who enjoy long drives, according to its creator, who named it the ‘’.

“Cheval means horse in French. The name is kept by keeping many factors in mind. Factors like inspiration, form, feel, etc. The overall design of the car gives a reflection of the power, aggressiveness, and swiftness of a horse”, he explains. “The overall concept is based on the love and passion for the vehicle just like people have for horses. The vehicle represents the personality of the person.”

We wouldn’t mind seeing something like this on the road, even with a more down-to-earth styling and the Alpine logos adorning it. But since that won’t happen, we’ll have to make do with the images posted in the gallery.

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