Uber working on tech to verify its drivers wear masks

SAN FRANCISCO: Uber will soon require drivers in certain countries to wear protective face masks while on the job as the Covid-19 risk is still high, CNN reported on Sunday.

Though a great deal of the service’s drivers have taken it upon themselves to wear a face mask or covering while driving their customers from place to place, Uber will soon make such a precaution mandatory in select countries, like the US, where the Covid-19 outbreak is still affecting vast numbers of people.

Not only will masks be compulsory, but Uber also has a new technology in development that will “detect if drivers are wearing masks or face coverings before they go online and start accepting trips” according to a CNN source.

This verification is expected to function alongside the existing Real Time ID-check tool which authenticates the of the driver.

Last month, Uber began sending out masks to drivers; however due to the limited supply of the protective gear, they have not yet reached all workers.

Regardless of whether they received one supplied by the company or not, coverings in certain areas will be required.


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