Viral Tinder date story about a woman ordering £15,000 wine at the Shard not true

Almost a week after a story about a nightmare Tinder struck fear in the hearts of singletons across the UK, it has turned out the now infamous “Shard wine” incident is nothing but a fable.

Last week, a viral rumour circulated on WhatsApp and Twitter about a woman who ended up with a £15,000 bill following a disastrous date at the London landmark.

The woman, according to several tweets describing the incident, was thought to have gone on a first date to the 95-storey skyscrapper following a stressful day at work.

During the date, people claimed that the woman and her suitor ordered three bottles of wine from the menu which they believed to be worth £50, only to later realise they were £500 per bottle.

As a result of the misunderstanding, it was believed that the woman was unable to pay off the debt and had to set up a 10-year direct debit to the Shard to pay off the sum in instalments.

It is unknown what came of the man during the date but several Twitter users believe that he scarpered on hearing the bill’s amount.

While the story has caused a stir on social media platforms and was the subject of conversation during the Radio 1 Breakfast Show on Monday, it turns out the tale is nothing short of a lie.

The BBC reports that the company that runs businesses at the Shard, Real Estate Management UK (REM), has received countless enquiries about the “incident” since news of it came to light.

However, according to a statement provided to The Independent by REM, the vendors operating in the London landmark have “confirmed this alleged incident did not happen on their premises”.

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In addition, the most expensive bottle of wine currently on sale at the Aqua Shard the bar where the incident was claimed to have taken place – is a 1990 Chateau Lafite Rothschild which is worth £2,300.

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