PS4 VR games boost as new PlayStation design is revealed

Sony could be working on a new VR that would make playing Virtual Reality even better.

Currently, gamers use the PlayStation VR headset combined with other PS4 gadgets to enjoy titles like Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Blood & Truth.

But with the launch of the PS5, PlayStation gamers are expecting a Virtual Reality upgrade as well.

This would mean buying a new PSVR headset, although the original has been confirmed as compatible with the upcoming PS5 console.

And with a new PlayStation VR headset will come a new range of accessories to help make the experience better in a next-gen environment.

And fans believe they may have spotted what could be a future announcement from Sony.

As first reported by Lets Go Digital, The new Telepresence Technology could be used in a multiplayer setting to track a player's presence.

This would be done through the spherical device's attached camera simulating the VR user's head motions.

This would be done remotely in real-time and could also track a 360 degree view of the room, due to its ball design.

It would help convey a user's body language better, examples give would be if a user tiled there head down, which could be seen as being done in sadness.

While this could be used for Sony's PlayStation VR business, it also has other uses. Something like this could be used in a conference call setting.

Similar technology already exists but there's no reason why PlayStation couldn't harness it for its gaming sector too.

What's interesting is that the patent that was found just this week has examples of it being used in a conference environment, as well as someone using it with a VR headset.

As always when it comes to patents and trademarks, it should all be taken with a big pinch of salt.

There is never a guarantee that something like this will ever be made by Sony for any of their hardware needs.

And there's always a good chance that certain ideas will be used in the future, but not everything listed in the file.

When it comes to a PS5 version of the PlayStation VR, Sony remains tight-lipped on the subject.

Speaking to CNET recently, PlayStation's Jim Ryan confirmed that the company was still committed to providing virtual reality support.

“We have nothing to say about any potential next-gen VR product at this stage,” Ryan told CNET.

“We continue to believe that VR has the potential to be a really meaningful part of the future of interactive entertainment.

“The current generation of VR has exceeded our expectations. When you step back and look at it and this is the way I like to look at it one in 20 of the people who found the money to go out and buy a PlayStation 4, and all the and peripherals that they enjoyed with that, have also found the money to then go buy the PlayStation VR and all the games and peripherals that go on top of that. And I feel good about that.”

The PS5 console is currently scheduled to release in 2020, with no set news available on release date or price at this point.

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