Borderlands 3 Easter Egg Code Unlocks In-Game Skin

Over the last two weeks, has been doing a bang up job at hiding various details within 3‘s new promotional material. These easter eggs have been spotted in sources ranging from Borderlands 3‘s teaser trailer to its box art, and fans have recently uncovered yet another secret concealed within a desktop background.

Available through the Vault Insider Program, this wallpaper features an image similar to that which is seen on the recently revealed Borderlands 3 box art. However, due to the high resolution of the background, players have been able to find a SHiFT Code, an alphanumeric that can be input through Borderlands 2 for a special reward, hidden on the guns depicted in the image.

When entered, this particular SHiFT Code grants the player five along with the Maya Community Skin. This Last Call was made available as part of the 2013 Community Day event, and it is thus quite exclusive and desirable to fans that may have missed the opportunity to obtain it before.

The SHiFT Code itself is as follows: 5B3BJ-XZWFW-T3KRZ-JBJTB-6WST9. Indeed, entering this code is quite straightforward, and it simply requires players to navigate to the Borderlands 2 main menu and select “Extras.” From there, players should choose “ Codes” from the “My Offers” screen and enter the aforementioned code to claim their keys and skin.

Separately, this SHiFT Code is not the only thing that appears to be hidden in the Borderlands 3 VIP wallpaper. Specifically, players have spotted a string of numbers that have been turned backwards and hidden in the roses at the bottom of the image.

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At the time of writing, the meaning of these digits is not known. That said, some industrious Redditors have been working on solving the riddle, and an answer may be found soon, if there is indeed one to be found at all.

Undoubtedly, the start of Gearbox’s promotional campaign for this highly anticipated game has been unique to say the least. From these easter eggs to leaks revealing things like Borderlands 3‘s 3D minimap, excited fans are continually finding new ways to remain occupied while they wait for more official details.

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