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When it comes to Destiny weapons, it’s often about form over function. Looking cool is half the fun in a game like Destiny 2, and elegant weapons like Vigilance Wing and Sleeper Simulant fulfill certainly deliver on that. Sometimes though, players want something that will put the greatest number of bullets into their target in the shortest amount of time regardless of looks. It is for these occasions that Destiny 2: Forsaken’s newly detailed Cerberus +1 exotic auto rifle is designed to shine.

The Cerberus +1 exotic auto rifle was initially revealed earlier this week with only a couple of hints as to how it would actually work in the game. Specifically mentioned was the idea that it functions in a manner similar to Contra’s infamous Spread Gun. What that actually meant was going to have to wait until later in the month.

However, it seems “later” didn’t mean all that long of a wait. Today, Game Informer fully pulled pack the curtain on the multi-barreled weapon and gave eager fans the full scoop on the makeshift rifle and how they can expect it to perform in most situations.

As its haphazard look implies, Cerberus +1 was indeed thrown together on the fly after a guardian by the name of Jeza “Jeopardy” Verlayn crash-landed on the Tangled Shore. They had to use an exotic power source known as the “Photonic Heart” in order to make the weapon work. One would assume they had grander plans for this enigmatic artifact, but Verlayn wasn’t willing to take on the Scorn Barons’ minions without some extra firepower.

cerberus 1 exotic auto rifle

In terms of how it actually works, Cerberus +1 is a highly situational weapon. When fired from the hip, it’s a superb choice for crowd control. On paper, it sounds like it would be a highly inaccurate weapon in need of some of Forsaken’s new hip-fire accuracy mods, but in practice, it apparently puts out enough damage to not need the help. According to Greg Peng, Bungie’s senior sandbox designer, the weapon is designed to give players the same general DPS at most ranges. So it can be assumed that those who try to be completely accurate with it will have a hard time.

Cerberus +1’s suite of perks is fashioned to reflect the odd mix of barrels attached to it. Its main perk is Spread Shot Package, which increases accuracy while aiming down sights. This gives it some range, but only closes up the spread a little bit. It’s an odd perk that makes Cerberus +1 into a weapon that shines in certain situations like dealing with crowds or bosses with large weak points. Perhaps it’ll even be the weapon of choice for completing Forsaken’s new weekly milestones.

Bungie has seen a fair amount of criticism in the past for introducing exotic weapons that didn’t feel all that exotic. If Cerberus +1 is any indication, though, it seems Bungie is resolved to address this with Forsaken. Between this, finally making Destiny’s lore accessible in-game, potentially resurrecting the Ahamkara, and everything else, Destiny 2: Forsaken appears to be shaping up to be the experience Destiny fans have been always been waiting for. Hopefully, this will prove true in the weeks and months following its release.

Destiny 2: Forsaken will release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 4.

Source: Game Informer

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