Destiny 2 Infinite Super Glitch Discovered in New Mission

An infinite super in 2 has been discovered in the new Tribute Hall, allowing players to have infinite energy for their roaming supers as well as take those endless supers into “The Other Side” mission connected to the Bad Juju exotic. This is related to similar infinite super glitches in the past with the Tribute Hall giving a new way to perform it.

Destiny 2 players on consoles will likely only get this glitch to work with an Arcstrider, whereas those on PC should be able to easily keep the infinite super going with any subclass with a roaming super. In order to make this happen, players will need access to the Tribute Hall and “The Other Side” mission by earning Bad Juju, plus they need to have unlocked the Tribute that grants super energy within the Tribute Hall. After that, go to the Tribute that gives super energy and “Toggle Tribute” with the respective action button. Cast the super and stand near the crystal until hearing the sound of another super being fully charged.

If players select the top tree of the Arcstrider with the perk Lethal Current, every dodge will activate the Lethal Current perk and instantly refill super energy. Both console and PC players can get this to work.

But on PC where menu loading times are much faster than on console, players can keep any roaming super going. The way to do it is by continuously going into the menu near the end of the super and switching any piece of gear which will then refill the super bar. While console players could technically get this to work, the comparatively slow loading time going into the character menu will likely prevent it from being possible.

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There’s no way to take that super anywhere else into the game besides “The Other Side” mission which is activated in the middle of the Tribute Hall. So, it will by no means break the game or any of its other activities. There is a secret Triumph for completing “The Other Side” mission solo without dying, so this could be a way for players to complete this Triumph a little easier. But outside of that, this glitch is very much a fun way to tackle the mission and enjoy unlimited super energy.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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