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With the release of Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion, Bungie is leaving a lot of features behind in favor of new and improved ones. Among the features and aspects that Destiny 2 is dropping in Year 2 is the +5 Power Level attached to legendary mods.

As most know, Destiny 2: Forsaken will include Mods 2.0, a revamp of the current mod system for weapons and armor. Currently, mods are a far cry from what players had hoped, offering very few benefits and small utility. Not to mention, juggling all of the different mods has become a pain with limited vault space.

Previously, legendary mods were mostly used as a way to boost a player’s power level in Destiny 2. Sure, drops don’t take into account mods when factoring the level but an extra five points in power became very useful once Bungie retooled Destiny 2’s difficulty and damage scaling.

Once Forsaken launches in September, however, legendary mods should be more useful and support a variety of playstyles, but they will also lose that power level boost as well. Some of the mods that Bungie has teased as part of the revamp include ones that improve in-air accuracy and hip fire accuracy.

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It’s a fair trade for the loss in power level and it actually makes mods a little more meaningful. In Year 1, most players only cared about the +5 power level and gave little thought to what the mod was offering the armor. Yes, it was nice to have a boost to recovery but getting that power level boost was even more important. Moving forward, Destiny 2 players should actually be able to create loadouts, rather than worrying whether one piece of gear is 380 and one is 385.

Whether or not mods 2.0 will have the desired effect that Bungie is looking for is yet to be determined but the early teases do sound promising. And now we want have to play this weird game of differentiating between the level cap with and without mods.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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