Devil May Cry 5: Where to Find All Purple Orb Fragments

May 5 offers plenty beyond the core story to keep gamers actively engaged, including a wide range of collectibles, upgrades, and secret missions. Extending the player’s Devil Trigger Gauge requires finding and utilizing purple orbs, including eight purple orb fragments scattered throughout the game’s missions.

Collecting all eight is necessary to max out the player’s Devil Trigger Gauge, and thankfully, Devil May Cry 5 allows players to go back and replay levels whenever they like, so players can quickly revisit areas to collect any purple orb fragments that they missed. Here’s the location of all eight.

Mission 4

The game’s first purple orb fragment can be found in Mission 4, right after the bridge collapses. Head towards the building on the right side of the tracks, and the purple orb fragment will be waiting inside.

Mission 5

After defeating the Empusa Queen in the construction area, head straight ahead into the next hall. As soon as the player walks out from under the metal overhang, climb onto the pile of construction materials and around to face it. On top of that metal overhang is a purple orb fragment. Jump and use Griffon to glide onto the platform to pick up the fragment.

dmc 5 purple orb fragment location platform mission 5

Mission 9

Inside the catacombs, after dropping through the large hole, the player will have a small encounter with some enemies. After clearing the room, check the left wall for a large wooden door. Break down the door with V’s familiar Nightmare, beat the enemies within, and a short cutscene will trigger revealing a purple orb fragment on a pillar.

Mission 10

After reaching the timed door with teeth, continue on the main path on the upper level until the next white orb is spotted. Immediately turn to the right and hop up onto the pathway above. Continue along until a fight triggers, beat the enemies, and the purple orb fragment will emerge.

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Mission 11

Upon approaching a small rooftop platform, Dante will mention that the area looks like it’s going to collapse. Quickly beat the enemies here and a purple orb fragment will appear in the way ahead.

Mission 12

In this mission, the player will encounter two Nidhogg Barriers. Head through the bottom door and defeat the Blood Sac. After beating it, keep heading forward and to the right to discover a side room with a purple orb fragment.

devil may cry 5 purple orb fragment locations

Mission 14

Prior to destroying the first Blood Clot in this area, the player will reach a forking road. The Blood Clot is down the right path. After beating it, backtrack to the fork and take the alternate route to the left. A small red orb will appear on the left side of the screen. From here, turn to the right, and look down for a ledge containing the purple orb fragment. Jump down and collect it.

Mission 16

After dropping down through the second hole and defeating the enemies there, ignore the alcove illuminated in blue and jump down into the next hole instead. Another group of enemies will appear. Beat them and then carefully climb down on the platforms descending down until you reach the purple orb fragment. This pickup marks the final purple orb fragment in Devil May Cry 5.

Gathering the eight purple orb fragments will grant the player two upgrades to their Devil Trigger Gauge. Nico sells the remaining five intact purple orbs, providing the player’s Devil Trigger with up to seven full upgrades. With a fully maxed out Devil Trigger Gauge, the achievement The Devil’s Own will be unlocked. The job isn’t finished, though. Hunt down every blue orb fragment to maxed out health.

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