Does Fortnite Season 9 Week 10 Have A Secret Battle Star?

After Fortnite players complete the season 9 week 10 challenges, which include visiting public service signs, calling in air strikes, and dealing damage with shotguns, they will be rewarded the loading screen seen above. It’s the standard operating procedure to check these loading screens for battle stars, as every week gave players the , free Pass tier in prior seasons. However, this went out the window when developer Epic Games began alternating secret battle stars with secret banners in the past two seasons.

9 has changed it up even further, with Fortnite rotating secret battle stars with Fortbyte locations instead. So, season 9 week 10 gives players a hint at a new Fortbyte location instead of a secret battle star. It’s worth mentioning that this Fortbyte doesn’t typically release until the Sunday after the loading screen, so it’s a confusing time period for those unsure of what secret award they need to get.

For season 9 week 10, Fortnite players will need to find Fortbyte 33, which is “Found at a Location Hidden Within Loading Screen 10.” Close inspection of the above loading screen will find a description that the Fortbyte “is far away from Lonely Lodge,” so to find it, players will want to drop on that named location.

The Fortbyte 33 will be found in one of the outlying huts, away from the main lodge within the named location. At the time of this writing, however, the Fortbyte is not yet ready for collection, so be sure to be ready when it becomes available tomorrow in Fortnite, as there isn’t too much time left in the season for those who have yet to unlock the Fortbyte-locked Singularity skin. For those who recommend a more visual guide, we recommend this video from YouTuber Gattu:

Considering that players need to collect 90 Fortbytes to unlock the aforementioned Fortnite skin, grinding it out ASAP will likely be the best method now. Fortbyte 23, for example, was recently made available, so collecting the newer ones and picking up any left to the wayside may be occupying players prior to the end of season 9.

Fortnite is out now for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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