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Without a doubt, there were a ton of great games at E3 2018, and with the event being such a major celebration of the gaming industry, fans naturally assumed that Square Enix’s press conference at the expo would have featured the forthcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake in some capacity. Alas, that didn’t happen, but director Tetsuya Nomura recently decided to offer up an update on the game in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, saying that the project’s development is “going well” and “moving along more than expected”.

While production on the Final Fantasy 7 remake thrumming, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Square Enix will be offering up a meaty morsel of information regarding what else the remake of the classic PlayStation role-playing game will contain. As it so happens, Nomura said, “We’re trying to figure out when we will put out the next news release.” Unfortunately, the director didn’t offer a hint as to what kind of details will be to come in the next announcement.


Although there’s no telling what will be revealed in Square Enix’s next update regarding the Final Fantasy 7 remake, Nomura did provide fans with a better idea of the type of content that will be reflected in the title at launch. According to the forthcoming game’s director, “While preserving the atmosphere of the original, the scenario will dig deeper into the characters, including members of Avalanche.”

Considering the fact that the Final Fantasy 7 remake plans on releasing in an episodic format, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that players might stick around in Midgar for a longer period than before in order to better know Biggs, Wedge, and Jesse. Plus, with Nomura having previously stated that the FF7 remake’s development is getting equal treatment alongside the creation of Kingdom Hearts 3, fans shouldn’t expect Square Enix to skimp on the content for either.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake is currently in development for PlayStation 4.

Source: Gematsu

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