Fortnite: Secret Battle Star Location Week 3, Season 7

Fortnite Week 3 Season 7 Battle Star

Another of challenges means another hunt for the Secret Battle hidden on the map. Like previous weeks, this star is only available once you complete every Fortnite Week 3 challenge. Unless you've finished every mission for that week then there's no point in even going for this star. Remember, the Secret Battle Stars give you a free Battle Pass tier, so they are certainly worth hunting down.

You can find the 7, Week 3's Secret Battle Star at Frosty Flights in the hangar closest to the main structures. Once you land at Frosty Flights, head towards the airfield and enter the large hangar near the tower. On the left side of hanger will be a set of shelves with an ammo box on them. Your Secret Battle Star will spawn on this shelf, so run over and grab it.

Keep in mind, Frosty Flights typically has a lot of people when the match first starts, so be prepared for a fight. A lot of users like to go for planes right away, so the area around this Secret Battle Star is quite dangerous. Because of this, we strongly recommend grabbing a gun and some supplies before going for the star.

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