Fortnite Secret Skirmish Competition Announced

Games has a special Fortnite invitational competition for next month.

The two day , featuring $500,000 in prize money, is taking place at an as of yet undisclosed location on February 14 and 15, and will be streamed on the game’s “official channels.”

Competitors will include the top players from previous Open Fortnite competitions, but that’s all of the info the studio is divulging for now.

“You can expect the same high-powered matches as TwitchCon and PAX, but also expect us to explore additional… operations…during the two of competition,” Epic teased in the announcement.

The devs joked that the event will give its broadcast team a chance to “better prepare” for the upcoming Fortnite .

You can find out more about Fortnite’s in-game tournaments and World Cup plans right here.

Fortnite Secret Skirmish Competition Announced 1

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