Gears 5: Where to Find ‘Fish On A Stick’ Secret Weapon

While 5 doesn’t officially launch until tomorrow, Ultimate Edition owners and Game Pass subscribers have been going hands on with the full experience since Friday. Even through the Gears 5 launch has had some issues, the game has been pulling in stellar reviews from critics and fans alike. As expected, developer The Coalition has made sure to fill the game with collectibles to find and Easter eggs to uncover.

One such can be found within the first 10 minutes of Act 1, Chapter 1 of the Gears 5 campaign. It’s extremely easy to miss as well, due to the fact that it is found in a dark tunnel where a lot of fast-moving enemies spawn to overwhelm the player. For those players looking for a bit of silly fun, here’s how to unlock the Fish on a Stick weapon.

During the first chapter of Act 1, Marcus, JD, Kait, and Del will split off into two teams of two. JD and Del head off to the right side and down a set of stairs into a dark sewer. In the first tunnel space right after dropping down, players will need to shoot at four control valves on the pipes on the left and right side. Shooting one will cause steam to appear above it. Once all four have been shot, a bright yellow light will appear, and JD will say “Easter egg, baby!” in a slightly silly voice. The on a stick will slowly descend from above and can then be equipped.

It’s worth noting that the game considers this weapon as a Breaker Mace, which has a very powerful melee attack. Unfortunately, it can also run out of ammo very quickly, at which point the character will discard it on the ground. This means that players won’t be able to hang on to it for the whole level.

Even though Gears 5 may not have as many campaign acts as previous games in the franchise, fans are discovering that not only are the acts generally longer, but some of the environments are more open than ever before. For those who like to explore, the campaign will likely take longer to get through.

Additionally, the core game features plenty of content outside of the campaign, such as a robust multiplayer suite including Versus, the 4 player Gears 5 Horde Mode, which many say is the best version yet, and the new mode called Escape that was heavily featured during this year’s E3. With even more content on the way post-launch, there’s likely something for everyone in this latest entry.

Gears 5 launches on September 10 for PC and Xbox One.

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