How to Complete the Secret Secrets Bounty in Destiny 2

There are a lot of things to do in 2, but one of the most common activities that players will complete are bounties. Offered on every planet, these bounties allow players to obtain valuable resources and finish larger challenges. However, not every is easy and some will require some work. One of these bounties is Secret Secrets which is given by Petra in The Dreaming City.

In order to finish this objective, you will need to complete “Hidden Objectives” throughout the map. Despite the cryptic description, this is actually a pretty easy bounty to finish if you know what to look for. There are a lot of things in the city that counts towards this including Ascendant Chests, Small Gifts, and Ascendant Challenges.

Unlocking Ascendant or Regional Chests is the easiest way to finish this quest. Youtuber Ninja Pups has a video showcasing all the Ascendant Chests available this week when the curse is at its weakest. Additionally, any Corsair Down missions will also count, so if you have one make sure to complete it after you obtain the bounty. We decided to just give some of the Small Gifts to cats we were missing since you get an emblem if you visit all nine.

This shouldn’t take a lot of time, so don’t fret about having to go really out of your way. However, if you are going for chests remember you’ll need some Tincture of Queensfoil first!

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