Magic: The Gathering Reveals Full Zendikar Rising Spoiler List

Magic: The players can now see every card coming to the collectible game this month in the Zendikar Rising official image gallery.

Magic: The Gathering players have been eagerly awaiting the chance to return to Zendikar once again and revisit some of the game’s most exciting characters, locations, and gameplay mechanics. The time is almost here now that Zendikar Rising’s pre-release events are just days away. With so many players about to dive into this new limited format for the very first time, that means they’ll need to start studying the cards now to make some informed decisions when draft and sealed pool deckbuilding starts during those events. With that in mind, MtG has now released the full image gallery for Zendikar Rising.

The new set features 280 regular cards (101 commons, 80 uncommons, 64 rares, 20 mythic rares, 15 basic lands) plus some other special promos, alternative arts, and other variations. That means there is plenty of studying to do for players who prefer to know what they’re getting into when they sit down to draft a brand new set. Although there won’t be as many Magic: The Gathering pre-release festivities as usual this time around thanks to in-person tournament restrictions because of the global pandemic, there will still be plenty of digital events available through Magic Arena and MTGO.

As always, the first few weeks a set is out typically revolve around the Limited format as players begin drafting the new cards and getting a feel for the power level of each archetype. The fall set also marks the Standard format rotation though, so Zendikar Rising will obviously have a huge impact on the metagame and its cards may end up dominating the next major professional level constructed tournament. Interested players can access the full Zendikar Rising image gallery here.

Many of the set’s rares and mythic rares were already spoiled throughout early September, but now that the full is revealed, players can finally start to dig into every card in the set (including commons and uncommons). Commons and uncommons are the bread and butter of a Limited deck, so understanding how playable each of those will be is a major task for competitive players early in the format. Over the next week or so, there will be tons of articles, podcasts, and Twitch streams dedicated to discussion rating for each of the cards in the set and trying to predict how much they will impact both the Limited and the Constructed scenes over the next few months (or much longer for Standard).

After a handful of sets that included more bans than Magic usually has to impose, it will be interesting to see what the power level of Zendikar Rising cards are like after things shake out. Have WotC toned things down for this set or is there another Oko quietly waiting to take over every format? Time will tell.

In the coming days, we should learn a ton more about Zendikar Rising spoilers, mechanics, and more. Start studying early so that you’ll be prepared for a new standard rotation and the upcoming draft format.

Magic: The Gathering Zendikar Rising releases September 25, 2020.

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