Mass Effect Remaster Reveal Date Seems Obvious

It looks like a Mass Effect trilogy is finally confirmed, and there seems like no better day for Electronic Arts to announce it.

With news that a Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy has received a rating in South Korea, it seems like the game has finally been confirmed. Now, all EA has to do is officially announce the title and its release date, and what better day to officially the remaster of the beloved sci-fi trilogy than N7 Day.

Rumors that EA was planning to bring Mass Effect to next-gen consoles have been circulating online since May, when EA reportedly revealed that it would release an HD remaster of an untitled franchise by the end of 2020. The rumors received more credibility in September, when a listing of a Mass Effect trilogy remaster leaked on a Portuguese retailer’s site.

Most recently, it was revealed that the South Korean Game Rating and Administrative Committee, the South Korean equivalent to the Unites States’ ESRB, published a listing for Mass Effect Legendary Edition on October 14. The news confirms what Mass Effect fans have been hoping for all year: that a Mass Effect Remaster is in fact coming soon. But before fans get too excited, EA still needs to officially announce the title and its release date, and N7 day seems like the perfect time.

N7 Day, which takes its name from the special force that Commander Shepard is a part of, falls on November 7 and is dedicated to celebrating the popular franchise. It is also the de facto day for EA and Bioware to tease Mass Effect news. In the past, the developers have used N7 day as an opportunity to announce the next Mass Effect game, as well as promotional sales on DLC and merchandise. Officially revealing the Mass Effect remaster on N7 Day makers perfect sense from a fan’s point of view, and would also continue EA and Bioware’s tradition of using the occasion to announce the biggest Mass Effect news.

But N7 Day has lost some of its excitement since the poor reception to the last Mass Effect installment, 2017’s Andromeda. Last year’s N7 Day saw very little in the way of intriguing news for the franchise, besides developers hinting that they are not finished telling Mass Effect stories. Because of this, it seems like announcing the remastered trilogy on N7 Day would be the perfect way for EA and Bioware to breathe some excitement back into the Mass Effect “holiday.”

The remaster would likely include the trilogy’s three base games with all of Bioware’s DLC content, as well as graphical enhancements and small improvements to gameplay. If N7 Day is when EA plans to make the announcement, fans don’t have much longer to wait.

The Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy is reportedly in development

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