Overwatch 2 Confirmed With Incredible Cinematic at BlizzCon 2019

After months of leaks, rumors, and speculation, Blizzard finally announced  2 at 2019. Blizzard announced the game with a stunning animated short that brought some of the game’s heroes together in a for the first time, showed off their new looks, and confirmed the PvE focus that the new game will take.

The Overwatch 2 Zero Hour cinematic features Winston, Tracer, and Mei going on a mission in Paris after Winston’s Overwatch Recall initiative. The three of them attempt to fight Null Sector robots, but they eventually become overwhelmed. Winston makes a move to sacrifice himself so that Mei and Tracer can escape with their lives, only for Genji, Reinhardt, Mercy, and Brigitte to show up and save them at the last minute. Presumable new hero Echo can also be seen in the cinematic.

Overall, the Overwatch 2 cinematic short confirms that the sequel to Blizzard’s award-winning hero-shooter will carry on in the same tradition as the original game. However, it will have a much bigger focus on story, which should appeal to those who are more interested in the lore than they are in fighting each other in PvP battles.

Something of note is that many, though not all, of the leaks about Overwatch 2 prior to the game’s BlizzCon 2019 announcement turned out to be true. This includes details about this very cinematic. Prior to the release of the Overwatch 2 cinematic, a leaker revealed that the short would contain Genji making a last minute save, and that’s exactly what happened here. The leaker also mentioned some of the other heroes that were indeed featured in the short, lending credibility to them in case they decide to leak more information about Blizzard-related products in the future.

Not everything that was leaked about Overwatch 2 was true, though. Those concerned that Overwatch 1 progress wouldn’t carry over to Overwatch 2 can rest easy, as game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that all the cosmetics players have unlocked for the original game will indeed carry over to the sequel.

More on Overwatch 2 should come at a later date, but with the game already in a playable state, hopefully we’ll have our hands on it by the time next year’s BlizzCon rolls around.

Overwatch 2 is in development for unspecified platforms.


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