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While the popularity of Pokemon GO has waxed and waned since the release of the mobile ARG a couple of years ago, its active player base is the highest it has been since 2016, making the huge amount of money the game generates not so surprising. While it is celebrating its two year launch anniversary, the game has hit $1.8 billion in total revenue and continues to make $70 million a month.

For context, Pokemon GO has been as successful in two years as the entire lifespan of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green. The original games made about 2 billion in that time period after adjusting for inflation, and it’s noteworthy that Generation 1 generated the highest revenue of any generation to date. Moreover, Pokemon GO has made more money than Pokemon XY, Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha SapphirePokemon Sun/Moon, and Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon combined.

As impressive as this is, there’s a number of contributing factors. Whereas the majority of people have smartphones, some people do not have Nintendo products to play the latest Pokemon entries. Moreover, at least the original Pokemon games did not benefit from microtransactions, and Pokemon GO certainly has.

pokemon go 1 million uk users spent money

Nevertheless, this is a major accomplishment for Niantic’s mobile ARG and well-deserved. The game supports its fan base by giving them constant events, such as its monthly Community day and other special events such as the Summer Style Pikachu with special anniversary gear. While these events keep people playing, it also bolsters the pockets of Niantic. It will be interesting to see where the mobile ARG goes from here, to see what Niantic does with the sums from its monthly financial successes.

Of course, the popularity of the mobile ARG has gone downhill before, and it’s possible it could happen again someday. However, with the upcoming addition of Gen 4 Pokemon, it doesn’t seem likely to be soon, and until that decrease in its player base occurs, Pokemon GO remains a behemoth in the mobile gaming industry.

Good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Sensor Tower Store Intelligence Estimates

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