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In The Walking Dead: Our World, coins are the primary currency that players use to progress through the game. Coins are mainly used to upgrade cards, which in turn allow players to have access to more powerful weapons, heroes, and perks. Considering this, it’s important for The Walking Dead: Our World players to amass as many coins as possible, so here is how to get coins fast in the game.

The fastest way for players to earn coins in the recently released The Walking Dead: Our World is to join an active group. Players can join or create a group by tapping on the Social tab in the bottom righthand corner of the screen. Groups can consist of up to 25 players, and the more players in a group, the better. Everyone in a group contributes to the weekly challenge totals, and the more weekly challenges players complete, the faster they will collect coins.

Being in a group helps players get coins in other ways as well. For example, players in a group can send out flares when they need help that can be answered by their teammates. Players who respond to flares will be transported to whatever encounter their partner is at, and will be rewarded with additional coins for helping out.

The Walking Dead Getting Pokemon GO-Inspired Game - The Walking Dead: Our World Rick and Michonne

Another way to get coins in The Walking Dead: Our World is by building a Trading Post. In the Pokemon GO-inspired AR game, players can build various buildings by tapping on the backpack icon on the screen. This then brings up a wheel, and players can select Build to choose from four different Safe House types to build. Trading Posts seem to be the most difficult building to build due to the rarity of the materials required, but if players manage to construct one, they can drop survivors off for additional coin bonuses.

By sticking to these methods, The Walking Dead: Our World players should greatly increase the amount of coins they’re getting in the game. However, it’s worth pointing out that there is a limit to the coins players can receive, so they either need to spend those coins or increase that limit. Increasing the coin storage limit in The Walking Dead: Our World is relatively straightforward. Players just need to collect Morgan’s Go Bag perk cards, which can then be upgraded with coins to increase the coin limit.

Now that players know the fastest way to get coins in The Walking Dead: Our World, they should be well on their way to upgrading their cards, leveling up, unlocking characters like Rick Grimes, and more.

The Walking Dead: Our World is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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