WhatsApp introduces cricket-themed stickers: Here’s how to download them

With the IPL-fever gripping the country , which in the past has introduced for many events and occasions, has released Cricket Stickers for . For a country that worships the sport and with the cricket world cup round the corner, the have come about at a very opportune time.

WhatsApp introduces cricket-themed stickers: Heres how to download them

So how does one find and download these cricket-themed stickers? As of writing this article, the Cricket-themed stickers have not appeared.

How to download cricket stickers on WhatsApp?

To get started, open any WhatsApp chat, tap on the emoticon icon, and then tap on the sticker icon below.

Then, next to the carousel of all your added stickers, you will see a ‘+’ icon. Hit that.

This will open a list of the stickers WhatsApp has provided and you should see a “Cricket Matchup” sticker pack present there. You can add these stickers to your favourites.

If you don’t see the sticker pack you can scroll down to the extreme bottom, where you will see the Get More Stickers shortcut to the Play Store.

Once you are in the Store, you can search for cricket stickers, which will suggest you a whole list of sticker apps. Notably, though, not all the suggestions that show up are genuine. Many of them are just apps with a bazillion ads in them, and they don’t even offer genuine stickers.

Some of the apps where we found genuine WhatsApp stickers were Cricket Stickers for WhatsApp, and Indian Cricketer Stickers.

Once you have chosen the you want, install it and hit open. Launching the will show the categories of stickers that the offers, you can add the ones you want by tapping the ‘+’ sign next to each category.

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Now, when you go back to your WhatsApp, you will see the added stickers in the carousel on top when you tap on the stickers icon.

WhatsApp introduces cricket-themed stickers: Here’s how to download them 1

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