Destiny 2 Players Find New Loot Cave in the Cosmodrome

In a bit of added nostalgia, the returning Cosmodrome patrol area in Destiny 2: Beyond Light has its own version of a loot cave.

The loot cave is back. One Destiny 2 player has discovered an area that functions almost exactly like the loot cave from Destiny 1, and coincidentally it is also in the Cosmodrome patrol area.

Reddit user imMilk13 shared their discovery on the Raid Secrets subreddit, which focuses on Destiny 2 discoveries that are either spoiler-heavy or highlight bug/glitches in the game. In this case, there is no bug, but some Destiny 2 purists might scoff at the sharing of a new loot cave.

In the Divide area of the Cosmodrome (the Southernmost zone in the Earth patrol area), players can find a “door” where enemies will continuously spawn. If players stand slightly away from the door, a large group of Fallen will appear every so often and then they can quickly eliminate them. This is good for triggering loot drops and accumulating XP, but it’s not nearly as potent as the original loot cave.

Reports from other players claim that the drop rate for Prime Engrams is one about every 45 minutes. XP gains are also relatively paltry – especially with an XP bug giving massive Season Pass gains – with reports saying players will gain about half of a rank in 30 minutes.

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Still, some players hear the word loot cave and are likely to give it a try just to see what comes of it. Destiny 2 players that are looking to “fill out” their gear by making sure everything is around the same power level might find this is a great way to do that.

Destiny 1’s Loot Cave

Anyone that played Destiny during its early days likely remembers how hard it was to get quality loot. The Cryptarch had become a meme because of how often he downgraded engrams, raids were stingy with their drops, and there weren’t any guarantees when it came to farming. But everything changed once players found the loot cave.

This literal cave within the Cosmodrome was a place for Destiny players to stand at a distance, shoot enemies, and watch as the engrams fell. It says a lot about how poorly the loot system in Destiny worked that players were willing to stand and shoot mindlessly into a cave rather than do anything else.

Of course, over time Bungie has improved the loot system in Destiny and Destiny 2 such that a loot cave is not necessary. It’s why a discovery like this latest one isn’t so valuable for players. Engrams will drop regularly from ordinary activities, XP is relatively easy to come by, and there are more engaging ways for players to spend their time.

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That being said, players are still always looking for ways to get to their end goals faster – whether it’s loot or XP farming. So while the loot cave concept will likely never be as viable as it was during the D1 days, its spirit still exists in the game thanks to things like XP glitches and AFK Forge farming.

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